How to Choose Genesis Framework Child Theme for WordPress Blog

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Genesis is believed to be the most popular theme framework for WordPress. It’s built using clean and efficient codes to get a fast loading website. There is the nearly infinite pool of WordPress themes to choose from, and that’s why it becomes overwhelmingly easy to feel confused on what to select.

In WordPress, the blog’s overall look is determined by the theme you choose. In fact, the theme you select should match the content of your blog. The first time you install WordPress, the self-hosted site will still use a basic default theme that comes prepackaged with WordPress. 

But because most people want to customize their design, there are lots of Genesis Framework Child Themes for WordPress. Through this guide, I show you how to choose Genesis Framework Child Theme for WordPress Blog.

Why use Genesis Framework?

Why do you choose or use Genesis Framework on your WordPress website? Do you know Genesis Framework is the foundation of any smart WordPress design?
More than 164,000 website owners use and trust Genesis Framework for following reasons:
  1. Genesis Framework is incredible for Search Engine Optimization. It's simple and minimalist design love search engine. Helping to rank on search engine.
  2. Its compatibility with all devices as it is responsive with HTML5.
  3. It brings you unlimited everything (ex. widgets, simple design and other sections).
  4. Master code programming provides its airtight security from being hacking or attack of malicious and doz.
  5. Genesis Framework is the fastest loading templates among of WP framework.

The best choice comes from your own mind though you should choose from user's review. :)


Most Genesis framework child theme for WordPress blog comes with lots of colors, flashy animations, complex layouts, and many other features. It is worth knowing that even though sometimes you need these things, in most cases you don’t.

Like Leonardo da Vinci once said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Look for a theme that features a design layout that will help support your goal. The theme has to look good without compromising on simplicity and usability.

The theme’s presentation style should not be overly complicated. Web design is supposed to help site owners achieve their goals while at the same time helping users find the information they need. A theme might look great, but still, can’t help you get new subscribers or business. If that’s the case, or if users can’t find their way around the website, then it’s not a good theme.

2-Part Framework

Genesis is designed on a 2-part framework. A good theme contains a 2-part system with two layers. The main or parent themes is underneath, while the child theme is on top. The parent theme provides the functionality of the site, while the child theme allows for design customization without touching the framework or the parent underneath.

If you don’t use a child theme, you compromise a lot of things. Not only do you risk messing up functionality every time you edit your design, but you will also be forced to redo your design customization every single time you upgrade or update.


Here, you choose between the lightweight and the feature-heavy themes. Many times, I have emphasized the importance of optimizing website speed. Fast page loading speed doesn’t just improve the general user experience of your website, but also improves search engine ranking, conversion rates, and therefore, online revenue too.
Avoid sluggish themes like the plague if you don’t want to mess up your website. Three things that are known to cause a theme to drag a website’s page include when it’s too feature-heavy, overuse of large file formats, and poor coding. Strive to avoid themes that feature ten different sliders, a lot of JavaScript animation, and 20 preinstalled plugins.
No website that makes HTTP request to 50 JavaScript files can run optimally. To avoid overuse of large formats, try to avoid themes that use lots of full-width images, background videos and more.


On average, about 30 percent of all website visits today come from tablet and mobile devices. That’s why you need a responsive theme. Regardless of the exact ratio, there is no excuse to not using a responsive theme. Luckily, virtually every reputable theme is mobile friendly right out of the box. Therefore the lack of responsiveness in a theme is serious.

Mobile responsiveness is imperative. That’s why Genesis has several mobile responsive child themes to select from. Google shows mobile-friendly websites on top in mobile search results. Regardless of your website’s topics and demographics, the site needs to be responsive and completely mobile ready.

Most WordPress themes are responsive by default, but there are still sellers who sell fixed width layouts that aren’t mobile friendly. You can test a theme for mobile readiness by resizing your browser screen. When you resize your browser screen, the theme’s layout will conform itself to the screen width. 

Design and User Experience

The purpose of the theme is to make your blog look great and market your brand in the best possible light. Even though design can be rather subjective, you will be boosting your odds of finding an excellently designed theme by simply following a few steps. 

Start by searching on websites where top designers sell their themes. After that, you can spend some time browsing the demo. The website should feel easy to use and excite you. Lastly, make sure you choose a theme that is cross browser compatible and is built with accessibility in mind.

Browser Capability

Users will use different browsers to access your site. Your theme may come out as perfect on the browser you use, but then it doesn’t look as perfect with other browsers. Something might be broken in other browsers. That is where browser capability comes in.

Many WordPress theme developers test their themes thoroughly by using advanced browser capability testing tools. They may mention it on their websites to guide you, but if they don’t, you can still run some basic tests to check the theme on various browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari among others.


So much affects the security of a website, including plugins, hosting, and password strength. Securing your WordPress installation should not be an afterthought. You should greatly consider it when selecting your theme. One of the most effective ways to gauge a theme’s security is to read customer reviews to find out what people say about it.

Unless a theme has been created by a trustworthy developer, you should avoid any theme that lacks many downloads or reviews. I would advise you to evaluate themes on community websites such as ThemeFrost, where customer reviews are displayed. Such level of transparency reveals the truth about the themes, which you can’t get directly from a developer’s website.

If a theme has a security loophole, customers will probably pick up on it and flag it in their reviews to warn future customers. The developer might have fixed that issue by the time you are reading the reviews, but it shouldn’t still shed some light for you on the overall quality of the theme.

SEO Friendliness

The WordPress theme plays a crucial role in a site’s SEO friendliness. A perfect looking theme can also generate poorly coded HTML, and this can affect the site’s performance on search engines. When enabled with one of the numerous good SEO plugins, WordPress is very SEO friendly.

When choosing a theme, always check for‘SEO optimized’ or ‘SEO ready’ in the theme description. It could be difficult for a beginner to analyze a theme’s source code on their own. That’s why most premium WordPress theme developers often let you know that their pages are SEO optimized.

On your part, knowing that a designer considered SEO when developing themes will offer some assurance.

Page Builders

Page builders allow you to create page layouts using drag and drop user interface. Most premium WordPress themes come with page builders that are pre-installed. Some of the page builders are used by such page developer only.
When you use such a page builder to create landing pages can produce lots of unwanted code. If you ever switch your theme, then those pages will need a lot of cleaning up. You should choose themes that ship with one of the most used page builder plugins. You can always buy these page builders separately to use with other themes too.

Ease of Customization

A customization dashboard is now standard in a lot of themes. It will save you the hassle of having to make changes to style sheets. Plugins like Visual Page Editor make it easy for you to build complex page structures without touching code.
Some of these editors are somehow limiting, but you will find that overall they are beneficial to getting a website to look very nice with very little effort. There are tons of custom Genesis child themes being sold, and most of them look great. If a pre-made theme doesn’t float your boat, you must be planning to customize it.
With just a few exceptions, Genesis doesn’t offer a huge option panel where you get to select font and colors. If you are looking to change the way your theme looks, then you have to edit the style.css file. You can change some of the functionality by first familiarizing yourself with PHP and Genesis hooks.

Choose Genesis Child theme for a Travel Blog

Most of the individual travel blog owner, cooking blog owner, DIY blog owner use Genesis Framework and its child theme for their blog. You can easily find out all of their Genesis child themes StudioPress has developed.

Here are the few themes best fit for travel or solo travel niche website:

Magazine Pro

Metro Pro

Sixteen Nine

Beautiful Pro

There also available third party's child themes on the web to buy for your website. As Genesis Framework GUI licensed you can easily use their theme as well as you can come through with custom and unique designed Genesis child theme only for your blog. 

You can easily get it done as Genesis child theme developer is available and open for tweaking, rebuild, customization and so on depend on your requirements to do.

Get started today with the best one, hopefully, it will take you at next level of blogging experience.

Final Verdict

Themes should be of high quality, which means they should be created with quality in mind. If you are serious about getting the best theme them for your site, or simply the best theme for business, try to learn more about the company or person who made it.

If you want to dive into Genesis to learn more, you can always find communities on Facebook, Slack, Google+, and Twitter. From such communities, you can get to know other people, pick up a few helpful tricks, or get help. 

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