How do you change favicon icon of Genesis Framework

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Welcome to my third post on this blog. Hoping you do well with your WordPress website. Today I am going to share about changing Genesis Framework's favicon icon. As well as you can change favicon icon of Genesis Child Theme in the same following way.

Change Favicon Icon of Genesis Framework

As the favicon is very important for a website as well as it is very important for branding. However, I have been using a software for logo design and favicon design. It is Sothink Logo Maker Professional. You can use this software. I am using it on Windows.

Whatever, after completing your favicon icon change it's file format to .ico. Here a picture shows file extension change it to ico. Make sure your file name is favicon.ico

After changing file format copy the file to your theme's Images folder. If there exists a file already with the name favicon.ico replace it. 

Thanks for staying with me. If you face any unwanted issue please comment below. I will take care of it.

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