How do you make local server on your Windows PC?

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Hello dear viewers, come back after a while again. Today I am going to share how do you make local server on your Windows personal computer. I am using local server making website. There are numerous works available you can do with local server if you know all.

Whatever, there is two popular software exist to make local server on the web. These are Wamp server and Xampp for Windows operating system to create local server. I am personally using Wamp server. You can download these softwares from the web. Click on name to download: Wamp server and Xampp

You can simply install this software like other installation on your computer. Just press on next button. Saying is same for Wamp server. I will come soon with two different posts about how do you make local server on your computer with Wamp server and Xampp. Untill then bye.

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